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Energy Saver Blind

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Energy Saver Blind

Energy Saver Blind

Energy Saver has been developed with the paramount consideration that vital energy conservation characteristics must blend attractively into a home environment.

The result is a material that can save up to 50% of window heat loss and prevent up to 80% of solar gain while being fashionable, attractive and an asset to any home.

The development of Energy Saver was furthered by the work of the University College of Wales in Cardiff. The co-operation started with finding the extent of heat losses in buildings and progressed through all the stages of finding the optimum methods of control, and testing all functions of window treatment that saved Energy but would fit into the home environment. This booklet briefly details the evolution of Energy Saver.

Fuel prices continue to rise at an alarming rate all over the world. The trend shows no sign of abating. The need for energy conservation, in the home, as well as in industry, has never been more marked. A new, energy-conscious public is now fully aware of the need for the maximum possible degree of insulation within the home. Insulation should ideally; work just as well in summer and winter - and it should fit neatly and attractively into the home environment.

The true value of any insulating material must be how effective the product is compared with its cost and useful life. In basic terms a pay back period may be found by dividing the cost of the product and installation, by the savings that can be realistically achieved over the heating and cooling season. If the useful life of the product is less than the payback period, or the period is very long, the investment must be judged to be of little value. Therefore, any insulation product must present a useful return on investment. Most insulation products will provide a 'comfort' factor, but this is difficult to quantify and must therefore be excluded from any investment calculations. The aim of any window insulation treatment must be to satisfy both the investment criteria, be able to install simply and consistently, function in terms of operation and blend into the environment to which it is installed .

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